Vermicelli Pasta



This recipe has been a Darst family gem since I was a little girl. Once upon a time, it was actually made with vermicelli noodles, but over the years, Aunt Kiki and I decided a smaller noodle works best because it keeps the vegetables from sliding to the bottom of the bowl. 

This is a chilled pasta salad and ALWAYS a hit. Enjoy!

Vermicelli Pasta

We still call it vermicelli even if it’s made with other pasta 😉

1 lb pasta – I use rotini, but you can use any kind

2-2.5 TBSP seasoning salt

3 TBSP lemon juice

1 TBSP Accent

4-4.5 TBSP vegetable oil

2 cups celery – chopped

1 green bell pepper – chopped

1 red bell pepper – chopped

1 cup onion – chopped

1-3 TBSP mayo

Cook, strain and rinse vermicelli until cool.

In a separate bowl mix seasoning salt, Accent, lemon juice & vegetable oil until combined.

Marinate noodles in seasoning salt, lemon juice, accent, and oil mixture in the fridge for two hours (you can marinate overnight.) I do this in a plastic bag and flip the bag half way through marinating.

In a separate bowl, add mayo (one TBSP at a time) to the chopped veggies. Don’t go overboard w/ the mayo. I just add enough to coat the veggies (1-3 TBSP)

Add vegetables to noodles and toss. The veggies tend to accumulate at the bottom of the bowl, but using a smaller pasta (like penne, rotini or farfalle) will help.

Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

*You may sprinkle a little seasoning salt, just before serving if you think it needs a little extra flavor 😉

**The original recipe calls for a small can of pimentos (drained) and a small can of black olives (minced.) I am not a huge fan of either, so I substitute red bell pepper for pimento and it’s just as yummy!


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